The AlpArray initiative

AlpArray is a European initiative to advance our understanding of orogenesis and its relationship to mantle dynamics, plate reorganizations, surface processes and seismic hazard in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system. The initiative integrates present-day Earth observables with high-resolution geophysical imaging of 3D structure and physical properties of the lithosphere and of the upper mantle, with focus on a high-end seismological array.

AlpArray seismic network - plan June 2015


AlpArray@EGU2018 (8-13 April, Vienna)

Jan, 2018

Submit your abstract to the AlpArray session (deadline 10 of January)

(TS7.12/GD8.6/SM 4.13) The Alps and neigbouring mountain belts: a multidisciplinary vision (AlpArray)Convener: A. Paul, I. Molinari, G. Hetényi, M. G. Malusà, M. R. Handy.

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November, 2017

The marine part of AlpArray official starting date is January 1 2016.  9/10 of the AlpArray Seismic Network (260 temporary BB stations) are installed and operational. The data are available trought EIDA (only for registered users of the Core Group Member Institutions).

How is the station deployment so far? Check here!

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