How to cite AlpArray

Post 1.4.2022

now data from Z3 is open, the citation guidelines have been updated.


Pre 1.4.2022

Publications in the framework of the AlpArray (AA) initiative should include as authors the active participants followed by “and the AlpArray Working Group” and a link to the AlpArray website (website where participating institutions and researchers are listed and where the full list of registered researcher members is maintained). Authors are those who contributed substantially to the research, including data acquisition and processing. If the use of a “Working Group” as an expression for many authors is not possible in a given media (e.g., AGU journals), then the AlpArray Working Group must be mentioned elsewhere, a minimum requirement is a specific sentence of acknowldegment in the “Acknowledgements” section. This applies to all publications on AA topics where one or more authors are affiliated to an AA member institute, whether or not data from the AA Seismic Network (AASN) or from one of the complementary experiments has been used.
This applies until at least May 2020, possibly beyond, upon decision of the AA Science Council.


Example of research using AASN data with AlpArray Working Group as author and AlpArray Seismic Network Team fully acknowledged in the Acknowledgement section (here).

Example of research within the AA framework with AlpArray Working Group as author (here).


To correctly cite the AlpArray Seismic Network data check HERE.

To cite only the temporary data:
AlpArray Seismic Network (2015): AlpArray Seismic Network (AASN) temporary component. AlpArray Working Group. Other/Seismic Network. doi:10.12686/alparray/z3_2015

Datacite Link: